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What exactly do we do?

Let us help you through China sourcing.

Products Recommendations

Are you looking for a reliable China sourcing service? Nowadays, trading has become very easy, even too easy. The rise of all kinds of e-commerce platforms lets us sell on multi-channels. It’s given us more opportunities yet it all becomes more complex.

Excessive competition and surplus commodities are the biggest problems in China sourcing. Too many choices can affect the way we make decisions.

How do you choose a niche that makes you stand out from the rest? How do we control the quality that guarantees customer satisfaction? We do analyze the export industry in China  sourcing as well as different kinds of selling platforms. Every week, we select strictly from our China sourcing supplier certain products and recommend them to those who want to start a store or those who have trouble in choosing new product varieties for their current business. Some of these products are currently popular worldwide while some are making stable sales; still some are made of new designs from suppliers.

We will clearly describe the characteristics of each product as your China sourcing service. You may not be interested in the products that we recommend, but we are sure that this will give inspiration to your sourcing plan.

Products Sourcing

It’s a tiring and expensive trip to China if you run a small or medium business. Particularly, the number of purchases is not large,and you are not aware of the geographical distribution and the price advantages of the products.

We’d like to be your office in China. With our experience in this industry for China sourcing, we provide a one-stop solution for Shipping Products from China.

We search for the right products, the best price as well as the best suppliers for China sourcing. We do the inspection, customize the packages, coordinate orders from different suppliers and arrange your shipment for China sourcing.

In China sourcing, every step is effective and transparent. We will confirm with you once we find anything wrong.

Purchasing Agent

Purchasing directly from Chinese wholesale market is the best choice for sure, as long as it is worthwhile for your business. You can personally touch, judge the quality, do multi-angle observation, and discover new products that you may not be able to see elsewhere. This is why we are a reliable China sourcing agent.

After decades of development, the Chinese wholesale market has a perfect production line. It almost meets all kinds of markets.

Each wholesale market is like a huge showroom. It is worthwhile for you to spend time in carefully selecting products.

We are going to assist with all processes, from making an effective business trip plan, arranging your transportation and accommodations, recording the products that you will choose, consolidating the orders, doing the inspection to arranging the shipment. 


E-stores are getting more and more popular nowadays. You may not have a lot of space for the storage for your goods and you may only want to focus on selling. The most important thing is that you have the advantage now of not being tied up to a physical store.

We also provide solutions for this kind of situation. We can help you get rid of headaches in inventory management.

When the order is completed as you have requested, we will ship your packages discreetly so that no one will ever know that you have used OSP’s services.