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Original Sourcing Pro – serves as china sourcing agent and help the business grow for more than 10 years.  Learn more about the process, fees and everything related to china sourcing below.

What Is China Sourcing?

A lot of people are looking for products from China. Thus, many China sourcing companies exist to help people like you who want to have China products in your hands. China sourcing is simply getting, buying or importing products from China or from Chinese manufacturers.

Who Is A China Sourcing Agent?

Representatives located in China who help small businesses buy from local manufacturers in China are China sourcing agents. Likewise, an agent who helps source or buy products from China is called the china sourcing agent.

Original Sourcing Pro (OSP) is one of the trusted agents for these needs.We are in the China sourcing business for 10 years and we have many customers across the globe.

We specialize in global sourcing and our mission is to support your business by helping you build your first retail store, may it be small or large, a physical store or an e-commerce store.

We also support those who already have a store or a small business and who want to get inexpensive yet high-quality products from China.

How Can A Sourcing Agent Help You?

A sourcing agent can help you find the right suppliers, choose quality products, keep stocks in the warehouse, import from any part of the world, and find the cheapest couriers.

They act on your behalf to guarantee smooth procurement of product orders and they also visit manufacturing plants while doing background checking to verify the reliability and credibility of the manufacturer.

They also make suitable arrangements to ensure the timely delivery of the right goods to you. On the other hand, Original Sourcing Pro helps you grow your business by finding high-quality products and suppliers.

It is better to use the services of a sourcing agent when buying products overseas.

We know that it is very difficult for you to verify the reliability of people who are making tall claims while they are sitting thousands of miles away from you. You can’t just trust people you have met on the internet.

If you choose not to use the services of a sourcing agent, you run a high risk of putting all your money at stake and there is a chance of getting delayed orders, defective goods and getting goods that are different from the specifications that you have ordered.

Also, there are a lot of tech savvy frauds using the internet just to lure businesses into their traps.

Without a good sourcing agent, you might enter into a business relationship with a fly-by night operator or some manufacturer of products that are of low quality.

You may also encounter cultural and language barriers which are a big problem when dealing directly with Chinese manufacturers.

Sitting miles away from China, you cannot handle only through email the delays and issues at the factories which may crop up.

Many companies use the services of a good sourcing agent like Original Sourcing Pro to get good value for their money because it is really unsafe to make payments through non-secure methods typically used by Chinese manufacturers.

Sourcing agents eliminate obstacles like background checking, quality assurance, payment problems, and customs issues. They ensure smooth procurement from China.

A good sourcing agent is a great asset to any company importing from China. However, hiring a China sourcing agent is usually too costly for startups and small businesses.

So now, we explain to you how you can start sourcing products on your own with Original Sourcing Pro. Let’s start the ball rolling on why the Original Sourcing Pro approach makes sense for most small businesses.

Tip #1: Getting Started with Sourcing Products from China

You need to know what to ask about before you start sending out inquiries to suppliers.

A product is the sum of its parts, and this means you must define the product quality, performance and function. In other words, you need to draft a comprehensive product specification.

You’re most probably required to guarantee compliance with one or more product certification standards if you’re based in the United States, Europe, Australia or New Zealand.

Remember that only a small number of suppliers in China are able to comply with western certification standards – and they are certainly not going to do any research for you.

So, you need first to confirm which product standard or directive is applicable to the products you intend to import.

Second, you need to verify that the supplier is actually capable of manufacturing compliant products. Verifying previous certificates and laboratory test reports that are issued by third parties is the only way to identify if a supplier is qualified.

Tip #2: Making the Supplier Respond to Your Inquiries

Getting a supplier’s attention is a major obstacle faced by small buyers like you. For an inquiry, you need to wait for a few days and most of the time you receive nothing.

However, many suppliers have valid reasons for not bothering to respond to your inquiries.

The supplier needs to get in touch with their subcontractors and get their latest pricing data in order to produce a quotation. Once they have this, they can start calculating their own production costs.

Consider the work involved to produce a quotation.

A supplier is required to identify serious buyers among bogus buyers, but the problem here is that most small buyers end up making an impression of belonging to the latter classification.

Tip #3: Managing the Sourcing Process

Contacting four or five suppliers is merely not enough.This is why most sourcing agents include up to 50 suppliers in their selection process.

This is certainly a lot of information to keep track of. However, to make the product sourcing process manageable, you need to store important data in a spreadsheet and at a minimum, this file shall include the following data:

  • Certification compliance
  • Product specification compliance
  • Pricing
  • Product sample costs
  • Production time
  • Quality management system procedures

Also, you should store important documents like previous product test reports in separate folders. It is a lot easier to make a choice if you have a complete overview of what they provide.

Tip #4: Inform Your Supplier of Upcoming Quality Inspections and Product Testing

Tell your supplier that you want to verify if their products are compliant with your specifications and quality requirements.

Tell them that you want to know whether the product is compliant with certification standards in your country.

Tip #5: Don’t Waste Time on Unqualified Suppliers

Don’t assume that all Chinese suppliers are capable in manufacturing products that are in line with your specifications.

Also, many Chinese sales managers promise more than what they can actually deliver in terms of pricing, product quality and certification compliance. These actually makes things more complex.

A lot of importers make the mistake (a huge one) of hastily choosing the supplier based on some unclear commitment.

In the process, you, the importer, often drop all other suppliers from your list and just concentrate on one supplier.

You then enter into a lengthy product development process with this lone supplier.

A lot of time gets wasted on the process and soon, your supplier will raise product prices or simply refuse to meet one of your requirements.

But surprisingly, you still end up placing an order because you are now desperate to get your products and start selling.

When you engage the services of a China sourcing agent such as Original Sourcing Pro, you will only deal with one person or company who, in turn, has a long list of suppliers who can meet your product specifications and who can deliver goods to you on time.

What About China Sourcing Agent Fees?

In Original Sourcing Pro, our pricing is reasonable and affordable because we completely understand the struggles of running a small business.

We are committed to delivering our best in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe through top quality China product sourcing.

OSP Charges for Product Sourcing and Purchasing Agent

OSP charges by commission on product sourcing according to the type of the products and value of the goods. Please find the charges for product sourcing below:

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Number of Ordered Items for Each Shipment
Total Order Value 1-9 10-19 20-34 35-49 50-69 70+
≤3,000 Flat Handling Fee $300
3,001-5,000 USD 6.5% 7% 7.5% 8% 8.5% 9%
5,001-10,000 USD 6% 6.5% 7% 7.5% 8% 8.5%
10,001-20,000 USD 5.5% 6% 6.5% 7% 7.5% 8%
20,001-40,000 USD 5% 5.5% 6% 6.5% 7% 7.5%
40,001-60,000 USD 4.5% 5% 5.5% 6% 6.5% 7%
60,001-80,000 USD 4% 4.5% 5% 5.5% 6% 6.5%
80,001-100,000 USD 3.5% 4% 4.5% 5% 5.5% 6%
≥100,000 USD 3% 3.5% 4% 4.5% 5% 5.5%
  1. Total Order Value includes the product cost and domestic charges to your warehouse, plus customized packing messages (for some customers, based on their request)
  2. Minimum Order Value will vary from one supplier to another.
  3. There are no warehouse costs for the initial 30 days. This can give you enough time to select high-quality products.
  4. Flat fees can be discussed on a case-to-case basis.
  5. Special cases may be negotiated in terms of product sourcing (for example, you may only need inspection)

For instance, when you order 15 types of products and if the total value is 30,000 USD, and, if initially you plan to ship 8 types of products (whether by ship, by postal mail, by airline or by sea), the total value will be 10,000 USD, and OSP’s service fee will be calculated as follows:

10,000 x 6% = 600 USD

Next time, if you will ship 7 types of products, and if the total value is 20,000 USD, OPS’s service fee will be computed as follows:

20,000 x 5.5% = 1,100 USD

OSP charges for sourcing from their catalog

Wedo not charge any fees if you purchase from our catalog. However, all our prices in the catalog are EXW (Ex Works).

These do not include any shipping fee from our warehouse to the final destination.

Airport pick-up fee

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport: 120 USD (Buick GL8, can fit 7 persons)
  • Hangzhou International Airport: USD 50 (Buick GL8, can fit 7 persons)
  • Free of charge if made within YiwuCity

For more details about pricing – visit our china sourcing agent fees page