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With 10 years of export experience and strategic sourcing, we cooperate with many low-cost, service-oriented shipping companies to help our customers deliver their goods to their destinations safely.

According to the specific orders and needs of different customers, we will use different shipping ways in strategic sourcing, but we always choose the most economical way for our customers. On the premise of economic prices, we recommend that customers use our cooperative transport companies because we can better control the shipping time. But if you have a better choice for strategic sourcing, we absolutely respect it.

Shipping via China Post (Hong Kong Post) is the most cost-effective option for small shipments such as samples and parcels in strategic sourcing. However, it can take time before the items arrive, typically 2-5 weeks. And, although you can track your items online, updating  the information is usually delayed. Therefore, we often don’t recommend this option in strategic sourcing. But if you don’t mind the wait, it’s worth taking the risk as you won’t be paying much for the package(s).

If you’re new to importing lightweight and small items in bulk, then consider using the express courier services of a reputable company for strategic sourcing. It is most suitable shipping option as you get a reliable online tracking facility and the shipments of packages can take 2-5 business days to arrive anywhere in the world. Well, the most reliable and widely used courier companies in China are DHL, UPS, and FedEx. Although TNT is popular in Europe, it can’t beat the ones in China for strategic sourcing.

FedEx: A great choice if you want to ship your package to America, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa in strategic sourcing.

DHL: An excellent option at transporting packages from China to Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in strategic sourcing.

UPS: Ships from China to America.

Since no two courier companies are created the same, the advantages of different couriers may vary, basically based on different weight. If you’re finding it hard choosing the most suitable courier, feel free to get in touch with us along with your shipment details. We’ll promise to help you right away in strategic sourcing!

All of us want fast and seamless delivery in strategic sourcing. Your items will, in most cases, arrive quickly and all you’ll need to do once they arrive is, of course, sign for the package. Should you run into any issue with shipping your package, the tracking number can be used to solve the problem.

In some cases where the weight of goods to be shipped is too large for couriers, you’ll want to consider air shipment in strategic sourcing. It is a cost-effective option as to couriers in strategic sourcing and there are strict control measures on security. However, this option is not for very heavy packages. It is often suitable if the chargeable weight is over 250 kg. If it’s less than 250 kg, we recommend that you just stick to courier services in strategic sourcing.

Shipping time may vary depending on the transit company and the schedules of their airlines, but the general time range is often 2-10 days. This sounds great but you have to put in some extra effort to be sure your package arrives in your destination country. You’ll be responsible for taking care of the documentation and customs clearance in strategic sourcing (this is not the case when dealing with courier companies). Unfortunately, this may appear impractical for those who are just starting out in strategic sourcing. But the good news is that, you can hire a tracking company or a customs broker to take care of all these tasks for an additional fee.

The railway network was opened in Nov. 2014 and it connects you from China to Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, France, Germany and Spain. This network, therefore, is able to deliver your shipped cargo well from China to your country of origin if this is in Europe. Since its opening, shipping only takes 15-20 days to reach you by rail. This is in contrast to the one month that the same cargo took to be shipped. Going for this railway shipping will however cost you 3-4 times than sea shipping but this is considerably low as compared to shipping by air. The Yixinou line is more attractive to European businessmen who deal with the export of wine and olive oil to China based on the fact that the products enjoy more firmness and stability  during the journey.

If you want to ship heavyweight and a massive amount of goods from China, ocean transport would be a great option to cut the costs down, although it has the longest lead time. In fact, it is the widely used mode in logistics and strategic sourcing due to the diversity of cargo that can be shipped. The fees charged for each kilo can range from 150-200 dollars and it’s still possible to share a container with a friend (if you want to). This means you can share the cost, too for strategic sourcing.

Shipping time varies on where you’re located, but it often takes 3 to 60 days. Sea freight is an excellent choice in strategic sourcing if you have enough time to wait and if you’re planning ahead.

However, if you’re not going through a freight forward service, you’ll also have to take care of the necessary documentation, customs clearance, as well as delivery of your package from the port to your desired destination. Alternatively, you can use the Door-to-Door services if you want your cargo to arrive at your preferred address. This service is popular in USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

We are located in the world’s largest wholesale market of general merchandise – Yiwu City, China, which is also the largest inland port and is one of the most advanced logistics cities in China.

According to the data from the Bureau of Statistics, from 2011-2016, Yiwu exports exceeded 37 billion USD, and 400 thousands containers are being packed per year from Yiwu City. Because of such a large export volume, Yiwu has thousands of logistics companies, including freight forwarding companies, trucking companies, express delivery companies, and airlines. The prices are very low because of competition for strategic sourcing.

About 10 years of export experience, we cooperate with many low-cost and service-oriented shipping companies to help our customers deliver their goods to destinations safely in strategic sourcing.

We always choose economical ways for our customers in strategic sourcing. On the premise of economic prices, we strongly recommend that customers use our cooperative transport companies because we can better control the shipping time. Another reason is that some companies will quote for a very low fee while in China but they may charge a lot when you pick up cargo at the port of destination, which is much more than the actual cost.